Notable Papillons

Notable Papillons

Denzel Papillons are bred/co-bred by Tracy Burdick and are denoted by the prefix “Denzel” in a dog’s registered name. Other non-Denzel papillons listed here were either owned/co-owned by Tracy Burdick or trained/handled to obedience and tracking titles by Tracy Burdick.

Notable Papillons, both Denzel and otherwise, can be found in the following lists:

  • Titleholder Index: an encyclopedic list of dogs with champion or performance titleholders
  • Hall of Fame Producers: list of producers of 4+ American Champion, Utility Dog, MACH, or Tracking Dog Excellent titleholders

Many beautiful Papillons have shared Tracy’s life over the past 30+ years and she has enjoyed many exciting moments in the show ring. Some of the most memorable dogs include:

  • “Risky” (CH Loteki Denzel Svengali CD), still the only breeder-owner-handled Papillon to be BOTH a High In Trial obedience winner AND Toy Group winner.
  • “Luci” (CH Denzel Loteki Grand Illusion), the top winning female Papillon in the U.S.A. in 1990 and 1991 and as a veteran was both a Specialty winner and Award of Merit winner at the National Specialty.
  • “Presto” (CH Denzel Say The Magic Word), sire of over 25 champions and a multiple Specialty Best-in-Show winner.
  • “Tiger” (CH Denzel Tiger By The Tail), multiple all-breed Best-in-Show winner and littermate to Best-in-Show “Presto.”
  • “Prince” (CH Denzel Loteki Crown Prince), the most successful Denzel show dog with a record of 5 all-breed Best In Shows, 25 Toy Groups, and 7 Papillon Specialties including the 1998 PCA National Specialty.